Bernie’s Corner

Bernie's Corner
Bernie’s Corner

My name is Bernie. I live with my human family which consisted of my Mom and Dad. They found me on September 28 ,2008 when I was on my way to the pound. Since then, they call that special day, my birthday. I hang out all day with Mom, digging in the garden, sleeping on the beds and watch Mom’s every move. Sometime she tells me to get out of the way , but I don’t want to miss a thing. We do crafts together and I watch Mom cook food and special meals. She takes pictures of them and we put them on the big black box, she calls the computer. I get to sit on her lap when she is typing, I like that!

I have some great stories to share with you so check back on what’s happening with my live everyday!

This is our garden!

garden 010

Yellow summer squash
Yellow summer squash

Today Mom and I enjoyed working in the garden until I found this big fat worm. Mom picked it off and check the rest of the tomato plants. I had to investigate what this big green thing was. So when mom throw it out of the garden and in the yard I ran under the fence and checked it out. Sticking my fat nose right on that worm made me jump in the air, Mom said,” You need to leave that worm alone! Of course I don’t listen so I started hitting it with my paw and it was curling up in a big ball of ugliness, I didn’t like that. Finally, Mom took the worm away and we decide to figure out what it really was. So in the house we went to get the camera and take it’s picture. The worm was defiantly a show off stretching it’s self for the camera. I could not stand it just sitting on the top of the grill waiting for Mom to take the picture so I smack it real hard and knot it off the grill on to the ground. Of course I got yelled at again to leave it alone.
Here is a picture of it. It is real ugly, so be prepared!

Tomato Horn Worm
Tomato Horn Worm

We looked it up on the computer and it was a Tomato Horn Worm and we know now it’s a eating machine. So every morning Mom looks for them on the plants,I just sniff for them.

Cleaning up the yard!
Cleaning up the yard!

Today is Tuesday October 20,2015.

Today Mom and I cleaned up the yard getting it ready for the winter. We had to put some garden tools back in the shed and put the chairs back on the porch. I like this time because I get back my big flower pot to sleep in during break time.

It was an exhausting day for me. In the house up the three stairs to get into the house and then into the garage to put stuff away.  Keeping up with Mom is a fulltime job for me. We got to go into the big red shed where I could explore and check out old box of my stuff and look for mice.

Finally after  a while Mom sat down at  the picnic table. Mom was looking at some papers and not watching me on top of the table.

So I figure, I would get her to petty me by rolling  around on the top of the table. I am not allowed to get on the top of table, so this was a real treat until I took it to far. I was laying on my back rolling around when the next thing I knew I was on the ground. I think I just round right off the table. I don’t thing anyone saw me, so I just continue my rolling bit in the sand until I could get Mon’s attention.

When I am good I get to sit with Mom and we work on the computer. We are always checking on information and putting pictures on the computer so you can see me everyday!

Sitting with Mom
Sitting with Mom

Stealing a kiss from my Mom is my favor thing to do!

garden 007


Halloween is here!

Halloween 2015
Halloween 2015

Now we get to paint the big orange pumpkin that has been sitting on the porch. This is the time of year when the kids chase each other around. They go from house to house pushing the doorbell and Saying, ” Trick of Treat,! and they get treats for doing this. They don’t do any tricks for their Mom and Dad, like I do.
My favor is rolling around in the sand! I love it! After doing that, I run for the house and the big bedroom so I can sleep the day away or until Mom gets another project for us to do!
Before we paint the pumpkin Mom and I have to clean it off and dry it. Then we get the paints set out and Mom draws a picture on the paper of what we are going to put on the pumpkin. Since we live in the South and on the Outer Banks we decided to do shells.

Oh I forgot we also have to paint on my stripes. That is a lot of fun! Mom takes the paint brush and paints on the black stripes on my face. She doses a great job, they really look real!

Bernie's stripes


Today is 11/22/15 – Mom and me are getting ready for turkey day!!  She told me that we have to clean the house for all the people that will be visiting us on some special day. I am still trying to figure out what day that is.  She has been in and out of the house all day! Going and coming in that big noise motor truck. Sometimes I have to go in that thing to the doctor, I don’t like it. But being with mom is fun because she plays music and sings me songs, tells me everything will be alright. I try to meow  so I can get her to put her hand on my head and rub it, I like that!


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