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Halloween 2015
Halloween 2015

Make this scary Halloween house for your table. If you have a fireplace this looks great in the corner with some real white lights that lite up. It’s fun and you get some great compliments.

Here are the instruction on how I made my Fright Night: Haunted House


Crafts knife
white color pencil
Large sheets of heavy art paper :black
Yellow glassine paper or vellum
Quick-setting crafts glue or glue stick
Art paper: metallic gold
Spray-mount adhesive
Fence shape paper punch
Battery-operated votive candies


1.Enlarge the haunted- house patterns onto white paper; cut out. Using a white color pencil, trace the patterns onto black paper and cut out. Fold the pieces as indicated on patterns.
2.Before assembling the house, glue pieces of yellow glassine paper or vellum over the cutout windows on the back side of the haunted house.
3.Assemble the haunted house as marked, and glue designated pieces together.
To embellish the house, cut a thin strip of metallic gold paper to fit the rooftop edge on center front of house.
4.Referring to photo, glue the strip along rooftop.
To make widow’s walks, use spray-mount adhesive to attach a sheet of metallic gold paper to black paper. Use the fence-shape paper punch to cut a strip of fencing from the joined sheets. Fold the fencing strip, gold side out, into a square and glue edges together; glue fence to assembled right wing. Repeat steps to make a widow’s walk for the other wing.
5.Place battery-operated votive candies behind the haunted house to make the windows glow.
Attached is the pattern. Remember to enlarge it to the size you want. Have fun and Enjoy!

Haunted House Pattern
Haunted House Pattern


Here is the patter for the paper bats!

Paper bats Pattern
Paper bats Pattern

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