Gardening in your own backyard!

Let’s face it, gardening can be pretty hard work. All those Latin names, the bugs and plant diseases that can attack your plants just when they are looking their best. It’s not magic, its common sense. There is so much information on line you can make a very easy garden.

Starting my garden every year is hard work but it’s a lot of fun when the fruits start to show up. This year I planted 6 tomato plants and 6 different pepper plants. I also planted my herbs in pots on my porch and some in the garden. I always plant something new each year to get a feel for what I can do and can’t. This year it was two pots of Collards. In the South, you can plant collards in late summer or early fall.

Yellow summer squash
Yellow summer squash

When I get ready to dig and turn the soil I make sure all the grass is out, along with all the old plants.My garden is directly in the ground, while there is some of it that has raised beds that are located in frames that sit on the soils surface.

I use about 10 bags of new soil every year to help the garden “fluffed out” higher then the ground it is on. I just don’t section my garden off with wood. I use a fence around the garden to keep the deer out. Since I have such a small area to work with, I have raised the soil to give the plant roots a few more inches of growing room, and the edging keeps soil in place.

In my vegetable garden, such mounds are convenient for scrambling, vining plants such as melons and squash. In most garden the seedlings are planted at the top to maximize root growth and drainage.

My garden 20015
My garden 2015

I have learned through the years and information that planting the same crop in the same spot each year leads to a buildup of insects and diseases. I always try to use the practice of crop rotation by planting, my plants in different areas of garden  beds each year.

Tomato Horn Worm
Tomato Horn Worm

Fertilize your garden from the insects!

This summer’s garden has been fabulist in the regard to all the tomatoes I have harvested. Accept the Horn Worm has invaled my garden. I am not one who likes to use chemicals on my plants but this beast has eaten enough stems and leaves to get me really mad. Out comes the Number 7 Dust!
Today is September 19, and I still have a lot of tomatoes, peppers, and collards. Weather is still very warm and the plants are still flowering.

2015 Garden
2015 Garden

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