Helloweeeen !! What a great time of the year!!

Yes I love this time of the year. To getting my pumpkin and painting it, to shopping for the holidays. This month is the start to the holiday season which is coming fast! Here Bernie and I getting ready to ;paint the pumpkin with season seashells!!

Bernie's pumpkin 2015
Bernie’s pumpkin 2015

Bernie and I spend the day getting our pumpkin ready for the painting of faces and seashells. by painting an area with black paint. This helps the surface when you  do the details on a face or sand castle. seashell’s, sunsets, star fish; you name it – put it on the pumpkin!
Of course, it is playtime before the hard work starts, so we had to paint Bernie’s stripes on his face and paws. Its was a very  difficult procedure because he had a hard time not eating the paint brushes. I know the paint is water base and will not hurt him but the brushes are expensive and he loves to chew on anything you wave in his face.

Bernie's stripes
Bernie’s stripes


The computer room is becoming the craft room every since we started doing these little  projects. Each month we do one that falls together with our cooking for that  month. It is great, it keeps you busy and lets everyone  see what is going in our neighborhood.  Crafts are fun and make great gifts to give to your friends and love ones during the holidays.

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