Here are some of the wild life we see. A whale was found on the beach washed up. It was very large and smell terrible.  The fish is a parrot fish I saw while driving off the beach. There is alot of beautiful fish and large sharks in the waters off the Caroline’s coast. The other picture is of a baby seal that my son and I found resting on the beach. It’s mom was out in the ocean waiting for her baby to come back in the water.


    In the summer we get fast moving stroms. This was Monday July 10, 2017. There was reports of 6 waterspouts that develop over the sound that day.

  • What a great place to live. No one could ask for a better place to watch the sun come up over the ocean. See the wild horses and see the beauty of all the plant life here on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
The Wild Horses of Carova
The Wild Horses of Corolla.

The wild horses of the Corolla  area have been living here for 500 years. There are some facts you need to know: It is illegal to feed or come within 50 feet of the horses. Cruelty, enticing, harboring, luring and seizing are also unlawful. As it has been said ever time someone touches or slips one of these horses an apple, they are robbing them of their wildness.

The Wild Horses of Carova
More Wild Horses
A storm moving over the Outer Banks.
A storm moving over the Outer Banks.
Yes, it is snow!
Yes it is snow!



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