Meow, Meow, Christmas Time Again!

My new hat
My new hat

I’m not real sure about my new hat. But Mom said I had to try it on and get my picture taken! So we wrestled until Mom got the hat on and then I took off to the bedroom. Here she comes with the camera! “Oh Bernie you look so cute,” Mom said. Yes she’s annoying, but I love her. The things I have to do to be a good boy.

Today we are getting ready for Christmas. Mom says we have to get the twinkle lights out of the garage for Dad to put them up. So in the garage we went. I get to snoop around for any moving things. I checked out the box Mom open and there was the lights. She had to hold them up and they began to wiggling so I started batting them around until the famous word ” NO ” was said. Our job is to get the wreath out and clean it up for the outside door. But Mom thinks we should do something else. She always has great ideas for making the holiday fun. So she said, “Bernie I think we should make a new wreath. Oh boy a new project!!

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