Getting My Herbs Ready for Summer

Go Herb Wild!!!

Grow delicious fresh herbs from your garden is so rewarding! When you create a meal using the herbs or vegetable from your own garden, you appreciate the food more! I enjoy cooking with herbs and vegetables I grow. I know where they are from, how they were taking care of, and what went into them.  Also sharing them with my family and friends is even better! Organic vegetables and herbs are really easy to grow.

You can get them started early in small containers in your home .  I pick a area in my home where the sun shines for about 6 hours a day. Always start with Miracle grow organic choice potting mix. In small lightweight containers with drainage, I put half soil in each container, then a seed or two and then full it up with more soil. After I have finished with about 6 containers of each I label them and water them very carefully. In about six weeks you will see young plants starting to grow, I turn my trays of plants around each day so that they grow up in a straight line. Starting them in the house is a great ideal because you can control how many plants  you want and keep only  the strong ones.

IMG_1874 Flat-Leaf Parsley – is a great herb. I can keep it growing through the winter if I leave my plant on the porch.

IMG_1873 Rosemary grows wild here in North Carolina. I have a huge plant that I just keep trimming throughout the year.IMG_1876Oregano has two kinds you can plant.  Spicy Oregano is one plant and then just plain oregano is the other. Last year I planted both. To tell you the truth I could not tell the difference

BasilBasil- One of my favor herbs. It is the most aromatic herbs around, tender basil leaves have a pungent flavor that’s both sweet and savory.

IMG_1869Sage- Velvety, gray-green sage leaves pack a warming, evergreen punch.

Fresh herbs put the dazzle in dinner. Here is a few new uses for your favor dishes. Try some of these ideas with your next meal and see if they make a difference.
Basil: You know it’s a killer on pasta and pizza, but can also add a fresh, summery flavor to omelets, curries, BLT’s and fruit salads.
Chives: Add chives to pureed soups, egg dishes, gratins, biscuits, savory scones and all kinds of vegetable mashes. Here another, make herb chive butter! Also blend them in EVOO for a gorgeous, green-tinged finishing oil. Skip the slicing; snip them with scissors.
Dill: Mix it into deviled egg filling, potato and tuna salads or frittatas.
Oregano: Simmer it with white beans, toss it into salads, or stir it into pizza sauce.
Parsley: Toss it into pasta, meat loaf mix or grain salads.
Rosemary: Mix it with roasted veggies, like potatoes, squash, or shortbread cookies. It’s also great on chicken and other meats.
Sage: Use it on pork, great paired with lemon and chicken, and a classic for stuffing.
Thyme: Is a great match for almost any cooked vegetable. Sprinkle it on meats before roasting, or add whole sprigs to soups.

Recipes, Gardening ,and Fun Projects to make. all homemade!

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