Living on the Outer Banks!!

Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home

Our home on the Outer Banks of North Carolina is a small but very comfortable house. We enjoy the big yard for it has a lot of room for all kinds of fun activities. It has plenty of room for my garden and also for entertaining. My husband decide that this year we are putting in a fire pit for those after hour fun nights. We only live about 1 mile from the Atlantic Ocean. As a matter of fact if you get on the roof you can see the ocean.
Some nights when the wind blows out of the North East for a couple of days you can hear the roar of the ocean as the waves break onto the beach. There are nights when I can not sleep so I decide to work on the computer. Around three am in the morning you can hear the fishing boats getting ready to make their trip out into the ocean. It is so quiet at that time in the morning that you can hear the roar of the engines form the fishing vessels making there way out into the Atlantic for the day. For some folks here that is a way of life for them. If you go down to the docks when they return for their day of fishing you can buy fish from them. I love it! Fresh fish for tacos, not to mention tuna for the grill. Yummy!! I should also say that they have fresh local produce that is always for sale along side the roads on your way here to the Outer Banks. I always get at least 3 dozens ears of corn to prepare for the winter months here. It really freezes great. I enjoy my garden and every year I try to plant something new. I really enjoy living here on the Outer Banks.

IMG_2411Many of the locals own private shops along the 158 highway, which is also called the by-pass. It is the only road in and out of the islands of the Outer Banks. We have many towns here, so don’t blink because before you know it, your in a new town.  Many visitors get very confused as to “which town is this?”  Is this Kitty Hawk, Kill Devils Hills, Nags Head  or where am I. Yes it is asked many times.

IMG_2405In 2010 we had a very bad Hurricane , which is part of life here, but it destroyed some of our road ways and made a new inlet to Cape  Hatteras Island, which is the furthest point out in the Atlantic Ocean you can get.

The temporary bridge to Cape Hatteras.

Here is the Forever Temporary Bridge they have installed. Of course with a lot of debates, a new bridge will have to be install in the further.

On the Island of Hatteras there are many more towns for you to explored.   There is Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo, Avon, Buxton Frisco and Hatteras.

IMG_0707This is what is left of the Salvo Pier House.

garden 001
There are many yucca plants all over the Outer Banks. They grown very large. You see most of them more toward the south end of the Barrier Islands.

IMG_2023The sun here is very hot during the summer months and we get the greatest sunsets here as well. The average temperatures are around 85 to 90 in the summer. It is not unusually for us to reach 100 degrees in the month of August.


IMG_1287Oh yes we have small deer on the Islands. I have asked many locals and they say, “They swan here!”  OK

1ones 057Seashell hunting  is the process of find the most empty and not broken couch and lining your yard with them, Yep! Everybody does it!

1ones 036Houses are being build as close to the Sound as possible. Which is not a very smart idea because of sound side flooding. But some folks like to be right on top of the water.

1ones 035The last but favorite  Island to me,  is Ocracoke Island.  Yes you must take the Ferry to the island. It’s great! But not in the summer when the line of cars are so long you will be waiting 1 hour to get a Ferry ride.

food pictures 2015 010My seashell bucket. Yes I am one of those people that collects shell for the yard . I am always out after a storm to collect the beach glass. Very beautiful stuff!

Oacoke trip 008Many take part in wind sailing! Folks from Canada are here all the time to catch the wind and waves. They are very friendly and I enjoy taking to them. But to watch them in action on their windsurfer boards they are amazing!

IMG_0404One day my husband and I rode the Ferry to Ocracoke in a storm, not a good idea. Water was coming over the front of the Ferry. I just told my husband please put the emergence brake on!

family pictures 007Yes the Atlantic can be as blue as my eyes.


100_0581The Ferry system in action. They run on the half hour in the summer, in the winter is on the hour.

100_0579Pelican Island is nothing more then that. A huge sand pile in the middle of the sound that they (Pelicans) call their own.

100_0562Sunset are the greatest I have seen. When the day ends you see what a beautiful world we have!  For me it’s- Thank You GOD!

isabel03This is for my friends  in New York who always ask how is the Beach Road is in Kitty Hawk. Not Good!!

Recipes, Gardening ,and Fun Projects to make. all homemade!

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