Freezer Meals For Senior!!

My freezer meals.
My freezer meals.

This page is for my parents and all my friends parents that I help with their cooking. Here are ideas to help Senior get the best healthy and easy meals for their life style!

As my Mom says a great TV dinner is the one you make yourself. Instead of serving them a store bought meal, I put together these   dishes that are made from scratch and frozen. They just pop them in the oven and serve!
I make these meals for my Mom and Dad, they really love them. So I decided to share my recipes for all to use.

I started helping other seniors cook their meals for a week. I take them shopping or they give me a list and we buy what they want to eat for that week. They we spend time cooking up 7 dinner meals for that week, sometime we also make lunch meals and breakfast too.  It gives me a lot of pleasure to help those that can not do this for themselves. If you have a parent that need someone to help them with meal planning , please check out the page that as “Meal to make,” and if you are interested you can email me at and I will response to you..

Here are some delicious meals you can for you or family – from your freezer to the table! Just remember homemade is best!

Before you began to make your freezer meals you will need a couple of things. These TV dinners are packed in disposable aluminum pans so they can go straight from the freezer to a hot oven. The easy way and most affordable pans do not come with compartments, but if you like, you can craft simple food partitions by coving strips of cardboard with aluminum foil. It works really well on a lot of the recipes I used. You also need labels and a sharpie for marking those wonderful meals you have made!

Taking my mom shopping!
Taking my mom shopping!

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