Get your Pumpkim ready for 2016!

My favor time of year HALLOWEEN! I am a big kid when it comes to  picking out my pumpkin. You seach for that right one to decorate so you can have it  light  up on that scary night. I want mine to be scary and still have fun with the kids in the neighborhood. So I get at least three pumpkins to paint. Check these designs out. Easy to make with vegetables, candy and a hot glue gun.

img_3051Big eye Zombies:

Attach a mint to a red licorice wheel with hot glue, then attach to the pumpkin. Or attach a red candy-coated chocolate to a thumbprint cookies with hot glue to the pumpkin for the eyes. Carve a hole and, using straight pins, outline the mouth with red sour straws(or just make the outline). For the teeth you can use pin chiclets along the edge of the sour straws. img_3049Mr. Frankenstein’s too you!

Paint the pumpkin green with acrylic paint; let dry. Unroll licorice wheels and snip into 3-inch pieces; affix to pumpkin with hot glue. For his eyes, cut a sugar cookie in half and use hot glue to stick a raisin on each piece. Affix to the pumpkin with hot glue. Brows are tops off asparagus stalks; affix to the pumpkin with hot glue. Nose is a cucumber half lengthwise, using toothpicks to attach. Lips pea crisp in half and ears are green lollipop. neck bolts are button mushroom.  img_3048Count me in Dracula!

His hair is snip cabbage leaf , brows are black licorice, eyes at red ring-shaped candy, with black licorice, all attached by a hot glue gun. Nose is parsnip cut in half lengthwise. Ears are gummy grapefruit slices, lips are red pepper slices, and teeth, slice a chiclet in half diagonally. For the collar you can use curled cabbageimg_3050Oh,  Mrs.. Frankenstein, you are beautiful!

Hair and brows: Pant uncooked ramen noodles and let dry; affix with glue, Eyes are a raisin and apple slice, cheeks are a gunny peach and lips are a red pepper affix with a glue gun!

You can have fun making any face you like with vegetable and candy. Use your imagination and have fun with the kids this Halloween, ENHOY!

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