2017 New Garden Is ready!

2017 Garden is ready

Raise Your Own Greens
Easy and versatile, broccoli, collards and buttercrunch lettuce have graced Southern gardens and tables for generations. This year I decide to grow these new plants in my garden. Since we live in an area that allows us to plant early, I suggest you get started now! Collards love the cold and can be planted early and late summer. When space is an issue, collards also work great in containers. I always make a plan of where I will planted my vegetables. That way I use my garden splace efficietly. I alway rotate my tomatoe plants, so they have a change at new soil. With any kind of lettuce your plant be perpared, they only grow a few weeks out of the year. But the taste is unbelieveable. Any fresh vegetable you grow, pick and eat that day has such flavor, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of planting a garden before. At least you know how and where your vegetables came from! ENJOY!!

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